October 2018 Tour of McConnell Air Force Base

The ASSP tour of McConnell Air Force Base was very interesting.  Special thanks to the base for setting up a specialized tour for us.  We were able to see several specific areas where safety is paramount, and we were led by Robert Clapp, CHCM, the Base Occupational Safety Manager.  (You can see a photo of him inside of the KC-135, on the left side).  We were able to tour the KC-135, as well as the fuel cell repair area, and the fuel cell entry training simulation area.  The final stop was the largest paint booth most of us have ever seen – where they sand, repair and paint the KC-135 as needed. 17 attended, and the feedback was very good.  Several of the base safety personnel expressed interest in attending our future chapter meetings, so hopefully they are able to.

September 2018 Chapter Meeting
March 2018 Chapter Meeting